Guerilla Yogi -- Weekly Community Class

Saturdays 11am to 1pm

With Marc Holzman / Anne Vandewalle & Friends

Make new friends. Explore new places; Expand your yoga

European Yogi Nomads invites you to explore and to connect! To visit cities within Europe while treating you to a great yoga experience with enthusiastic skillful and well trained yoga teachers. To meet like-minded yogis & create new bonds of friendship. To share someone’s home, a smile with the person on the mat next to you, a sweet conversation over a meal, a good laugh at anytime. EYN also offers you the opportunity to travel affordably through our network of yogi couch-surfing options.. Join us on the road !

Details to come soon. Save the date for now! Nomads are always FUN.


European Yogi Nomads -- ATHENS

May 9-11th 2014

Living Our Yoga -- On The Mat And Into Our Lives

October 2013 to April 2014

With Marc Holzman & Anne Vandewalle

Our Weekly Yoga Classes Taught by Anne Vandewalle, certified Anusara Teacher

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Are you ready to move beyond the weekly class format and experiment how the many tools, techniques and practices of the ancient tradition of yoga can help you live your life more fully with greater ease and joy? 

This 6 weekends course will take you deeply into the vast and profound teachings of Yoga and how they can be applied to transform your daily life.
Dont miss ourfinal two weekends

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Last Week End - April 5/6 – The subtle aspects of Yoga.  
Curious about the subtle and energy body?
We’ll explore the more subtle aspects of yourself through the exploration of the chakra system
and the 5 koshas (sheaths) .

Weekend hours: Saturday 3 to 6PM / Sunday 10 to 6PM

Full course: 730€
Individual weekend: 150€

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